Lavish Lashes from La Belle Visage makeup artists in NJ.


Semi-Permanent lashes are applied individually preferably by someone who is licensed and certified to do them. They are a great idea for just about anyone. Typically they last about 3 to 5 weeks depending on the person and how quickly your real lashes grow. Most clients need a fill about every 4 weeks. Of course caring for your lashes is important to maintaining them as well.

The best thing about Semi-Permanent lashes is that once they are on, the less you do to them the better. No mascara is needed. No need to curl them either because they are already curled. Using a water based eye make up remover is also a very good idea. Anything oil bases will break down the adhesive and the lashes fall out sooner.

They do not harm your own lashes.

The adhesive used is a surgical adhesive safe to use around the eyes.

The lashes come in many different lengths and widths for you to choose from they also come in black, brown and or candied lash colors, purple, blue, pink.

If you are someone who has really fair eyelashes this is a great way of helping your eyes stand out with out having to do all of your make up.

The Semi-Permanent lashes allow your eyes to appear as if you already have mascara on..